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November 2013 - I struggled for many many years with smoking. I came to Abbotsford Imagine Laserworks and I am finally smoke free. It really works!
- Annetta V.

Abbotsford Imagine Laserworks stop smoking program worked excellently and Sherry is great,an ex-smoker too, so I felt reassured that she understood what its like. I kept myself skeptical & unsure if it would work because I didnt want to be overly expectant of success and have to deal with the disappointment if it didnt work. Ive tried every imaginable tool to quit smoking (some worked better than others) but I always fell back into the trap of smoking again eventually. I was committed to try again and wanted a great tool to get me over the rough spots. What I totally love and am impressed with is ILW is so supportive and they address all the physical, psychological, and detoxing issues of quitting smoking. I followed all the support advise they gave me. An hour after going in I walked out into a new world as a non-smoker, no cravings or desire to smoke at all, just a few times that Id notice, hey Im not smoking! I know I have quit for good! I spent the entire week traveling with my best friend of 16 years who is a heavy smoker and I didnt have any desire to smoke with her, even when drinking. That was the big test - normally I would have caved in and smoked with her because it was so much a part of our life. Quiting with Imagine Laserworks was So Easy, and So Rewarding - highly recommend!! Thank you so much!
- Jaynne

Quit Smoking Laser Treatment I can't believe that it worked....but it did!! It is absolutely amazing! I had a friend that went to Abbotsford Imagine Laser to see Sheri to quit smoking so I saved her number. I came in sick of cigarettes but still a little unsure even though it worked for others. I am now proud to say I'm a non-smoker and I do not smell like an ashtray anymore. She was very pleasant, professional, and informative so it made everything all that much easier. If you want to quit and your mind is made works!!! Thanks again Sheri!
- Cooper, Langley

Great Teeth Whitening "I just wanted to say thank you so much!!!! My teeth are positively glowing & I love them!!"
- Lee

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